The Lumous Story

Once upon a time while travelling and living on the other side of the world on a misty rainy day my favorite necklace broke. I wandered into a jewellery store hoping to find someone who could repair my lucky charm. A woman at the counter said: You can do it yourself. Then she opened the door to her workshop.

It was a magical day. I lost track of time as I was enchanted! There was so much beauty, my beloved stones, fascinating symbols, exotic things and a light shining around me. It was like a dream come true.

Everything was transformed. Stones became pieces of jewellery, strands of beads were tied together, when one was finished another one began. It was like meditation, which is still continuing in my work today. I believe I have inherited some of it from my grandmothers. One of them was a traditional weaver and the other one knew the secrets of Lapland and Carelia. The synchronization of fascinating teachings of Eastern cultures with the tranquility of pure Nordic life.

The time disappeared as I was enchanted!

Beauty is something we can all enjoy. Yoga teaches that everything is universal. To be able to feel it we should, at least for a moment, slow down our hectic pace of life. Touching a stone is to connect yourself with the earth. Handicrafts form a beautiful tie between cultures, generations and ancestors. This is similar to watching the sun rise and set, something that never tires but empowers you.

Curiosity and the possibilities of endless learning and the satisfaction of discovery are the things that motivate me most. Ancient tribal mythologies are treasures we can relate to in our Nordic culture. Many customers share stories with me from their own journeys. This is a real connection that makes me feel hugely grateful.

Touching a stone is to connect yourself to the earth.
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