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Chakra Mala Heal

Chakra mala to support energy centres of the body. 108 beads lenght 59 cm.

Crown chakra: Amethyst & quarz crystal

Third eye: magnesite, labradorite & lapis lazuli

Throat Chakra: Amazonite

Solar Plexus: jade, rosequarz & sunstone

Sacral chakra: Jasper

Root chakra: hematite

Gurubead: Amazonite


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Chakras are the energy centres in the body. The chakras share the energy and are responsible for how Prana or Qi moves in our body


Symbolizes path to enlightenment. The journey towards peace and harmony is spiraled by the adversities of life.


Japamala is a string of beds tied together. Malas are used as help to focus while meditating. Malabeads are usually made of 108 beads. There are many explanations for this exact number. One of them bearing special and significance meaning in eastern traditions.


Decorative tassel in japamala beads represent lotus flower and yogis path to enlightment.

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